Polonez Restaurant
4016 S Packard Ave.,
St. Francis WI 53235
Contact us at: 414-482-0080
Fax: 414-482-0084
Fried Cheese (v)
Breaded Polish Cheese with pickled veggies, & Polish house dressing $6-
Breaded Mushrooms (v)
Served with ranch or blue cheese dressing $6-
Deviled Eggs (Four)
ala Polonaise (v) (g)
Yolk, mushroom, & onion filling topped with bacon (optional) $5-
ala Russe (g)
Yolk, mushroom, & onion filling topped with Brooklyn smoked salmon & black caviar $6-
Cold War Eggs (g)
A combination of eggs ala Russe & ala Polonaise $5.50
From the Cutting Board (Starters to Share)
South-Street Smokehouse Meat Board
Fresh polish sausage, George's liver pate with the chef's choice of smoked & fresh cold cuts served with pickled veggies, spicy brown mustard, & toast points $10-
Polish Eagle Wings
Cast-Iron Fried Chicken Wings with your choice of Sriracha Bourbon BBQ or Sweet Coca-Cola Ginger Glaze, served with celery and side of Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing. Six for $5- Twelve for $9-
Pierogi (ala carte)
Choose from any combination of the pierogi below, served with sour cream
2 Pieces $4- 4 Pieces $7- 6 Pieces $10- 8 Pieces $13-
Turkey & Cranberry Reduction
Reuben (Corned beef, cabbage, & Swiss cheese) with Polish dressing
Daily Fruit Special (v)
(Great for desserts)
(Pork & Beef)
" Ruskie (Potato & Cheese) (v)
Sauerkraut & Mushroom (v)
Sweet Cheese (v)
(Great for desserts)
Please Note: Prices and menu selections are subject to change without notice.
Hudson River Herring Sampler
Chef’s choice of three types of Herring served with toast points $7.25
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Reservation required for parties of 5 or more.
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