George Burzynski grew up on his family owned farm in Poland. As a child one of his favorite activities was to cook alongside of his grandmother who taught him traditional Polish dishes such as czarnina, bigos and pierogi. In Poland he earned a Master’s Degree in Economics. Seeking a better life he left Poland and immigrated to the US in 1980 carrying with him his love of cooking, his recipes and a dream to one day open a restaurant featuring the authentic Polish dishes taught to him by his grandmother. In 1983 George realized his dream and opened Polonez Restaurant located on South Sixth Street in Milwaukee. Today George still prepares the traditional Polish dishes taught to him by his grandmother and American favorite dishes which he perfected in over 27 years of operating Polonez Restaurant.
Patrons from the old location followed George to the new location in St. Francis and continue to enjoy the traditional Polish menu selections today. George’s menu at Polonez Restaurant offers many of the traditional Polish dishes served at his first location but he has expanded the menu to include American favorite dishes. The czarnina, duck blood soup served is the same recipe he and his grandmother developed. It is a favorite of the patrons who offer state it is “just like their grandmother made”. Czarnina is offer daily along with Tripe Soup and a soup of the day.
Julia Child (1912 – 2004) motto . . . “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicate masterpieces just food from fresh ingredients.” Has become the motto of Polonez Restaurant Always using fresh ingredients, George and his staff prepare each dish made to order. Patrons are delighted to enjoy fine Polish Cuisine.
Meet The Chef
For almost 30 years George has been doing what he enjoys doing while continuing the carry-on his family traditions. For his efforts he has received national recognition for his award winning traditional Polish dishes as well as for his all American Friday Night Fish Fries. His pierogi and Czarnina were featured on the Travel Channel Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World. In addition to national TV, he has been featured in Cooking Light Magazine and was recognized for his Friday Night Fish Fries by the Milwaukee Magazine.
Chicken Breast In Wine Reduction Sauce
Stuffed Cabbage Roll
Chef George
The Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern and Chef George
Chef George
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About The Polonez
The Polonez, or Polonaise, is a formal promenade pioneered by the Romance composer, Frederic Chopin. Chopin’s father was French and his mother was Polish, which is why we can say it both ways: in Polish, poh-low-nezzz, in French, poh-lah-naayze.

The Polonez is still danced at various official state functions and other formal ceremonies. However, it is less a somber dance than it is a dance that exhibits strength, elegance, gentility, and grace. Because of its observance as integral decorum during formal functions in Poland, the Polonez has become a symbol of Polishness. Its popularity in Poland has extended its influence to other cultures, so much so that even Russian and German composers have been creating new variants of the dance!
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